Product Description
F35076A (7mm)
F35086A (8mm)
F35096A (9mm)
F35106A (10mm)
F35116A (11mm)
F35126A (12mm)
【Wrench Seal for Bleeder Valve】 Easy to loosen and tighten with built-in wrench and socket. Without breaking the seal.
【Built-In One Way Check Valve】 Designed with check valve inside the socket to avoid backflow of dirty brake fluid.
【For Bleeding Brake and Hydraulic Clutch System】 Ideal for bleeding brake and hydraulic clutch system without removing the wheels. Built-in wrench and socket which can directly fit to the brake bleeder screw makes loosening and tightening easy and convenient.
【Higher Quality Internal Seal 】Constructed of higher quality steel and inner seal for long life and durable using.