Product Introduction


1. Our pneumatic vacuum system fuel injector cleaner and tester kit is universal for most models. 
2. By cleaning up carbon deposited from the intake system and the combustion chamber, this product can restore lost power and let you discover the power of your engine again while you drive. 
3. Durable Oil Hose: Anti-friction and corrosion-resistant, suitable for all cleaning solvents.
4. Coupler: Different models of anti-corrosion, wear-resistant joints match a variety of vehicles and provide safe and quick connection.
5. Valve: Equipped with one-way valves and pressure regulating valves. Ensure air tightness and control speed of fluids adding and gas releasing.
* Clean fuel injector 
* Clean intake valve 
* Clean combustion chamber 
* Clean vacuum system 
* Clean parts and valves 
* Test engine system pressure 
* Test fuel pump pressure 
* Test the sealing condition of returned line diaphragm. 
1. Locate the connector between the vehicle's fuel system and the cleaning kit.
2. Warm up the engine to its operating temperature and turn it off. Then disable the fuel pump of the vehicle.
3. Pour the cleaner inside the kit and hang it up on the hood. Screw the other end of the kit onto the fuel rail of the vehicle.
4. Attach a compressed air hose and adjust the fuel injector cleaning tool's regulator to the same pressure as the vehicle's fuel system.
5. Start the vehicle and the cleaner will do its job.
6. When the engine shuts down, disconnect the cleaning kit and reassemble the relay.


1 set


4.2 (KG)


4.5 (KG)


45*37*11 (CM)

Carton SIZE

45*37*11 (CM)