* Industrial Adjustable Ratio Cutting Fluid Coolant & Water Mixer 
* Designed for industial appliances, using in mixing cutting fluid coolant concerntrate with water.  The whole appliance directly locks on the 50 gallon coolant tank, there's the adjustable ratio knob on the upper side. One side connects to water, and the other one flows out the fixed ratio coolant liquid; it only needs the water pressure to drive the mixer.  When refilling the machine, just open the water supply.
* It can save the coolant.
* Compared with the manual mixing, it can save the labour cost.
* To install and operate easily; durable and reliable.
* It can keep adjusting, increasing to mix.  The water-drop typed of fixed amount.  The aperture diameter is 0~5mm. (It's quite accurate when providing the lower flow. )
* The mixer is provided with the standard thread adapter which can apply to all standard tank, and also can be used with the opening container.  (To be fixed by user, and it can work.)
* Unique spray nozzle/system which can avoid obstructing.
1.  Lock the mixer on the 50 gallon tank, turn tighty to fix height knob.  (Or other small container with the same thread, and the height can be adjusted freely.  If the thread is different, it also can be put against the wall and fixed properly.  Then it can work. )
2.  Connect the 5/8" soft water pipe of water inlet faucet (or water pressurization motor) with the inlet end of mixer.  Besides, the outlet end of mixer is also connected with another 5/8" soft water pipe, and put to the outlet area of finished cutting fluid coolant and water.
3.  Rotate the adjustable ratio knob (the aperture diameter is 0~5mm; the ratio is proportional to water pressure) to adjust to the ratio you need.
4.  Open the water inlet valve.
5.  Open the water inlet faucet and water pressurization motor, and then start to work.  The water outlet is the mixture of finished cutting fluid coolant and water.  To adjust the ratio knob slightly depends on the mixture's ratio until it reaches the ratio you need.


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