Product Description
A1157(JP Coupler)
A1157US (US Coupler)
A1157EU (EU Coupler)
Product Introduction


【Economical Choice For DIY】A 1.1liters capacity reservoir allows you to change the whole fluid of the brake system in one go (including 4 slave cylinders) + Universal rubber adapter- compatible with the most brake bleed nipple of the common brand vehicles.
【Hands- Free Operation】 The hanging hook and locking trigger allow hands-free operation. Also, use with a compressed air supply thus no need for another person to pump the pedal.
【Cleaner Quicker and Quiter】 Drain the old fluid into the collection reservoir directly so as not to spill out and mess up everything anymore. Also, an integrated silencer makes your working environment better.
【Durable & Light】 All the components of this bleeder are reinforced material to adapt to the light corrosion of the brake fluid. The whole air gun is crafted with aluminum alloy and covered with a TPR grip, which features sturdy, lightweight, and ergonomic.
【FIRSTINFO ASSURANCE】 MADE IN TAIWAN is our pride, and we guarantee premium quality without a premium price. Thus, we provide quality assurance tools with a 12+10 months after-sales warranty (10 months warranty by the register) and always the best service for you.


8 set / carton


4.0 (KG)


5.84  (KG)


22*20*15 (CM)

Carton SIZE

60*44*22 (CM)