Product Description
A1182 (JP Coupler)
A1182US (US Coupler)
A1182EU (EU Coupler)
Product Introduction


【Easy & Widely Use】 Operate filling for non-corrosive and non-thick liquids. Worked with 50 gallon barrel and other opening containers. With pneumatic operation for higher speed extraction. *Note: Gasoline, and fluid with high volatility, high corrosion, high viscosity, high alkalinity, high acidity, are FORBIDDEN to be applied on the extractor.
【To Fill Steadily】With the fluid outlet and control valve which can control the fluid to fill steadily.
【Control Operating Pressure Easily】With pressure regulator to control the operating pressure more easily and conveniently.
【Reduce The Noise】 Piston designed for low noise and stable operation and the noise reduction nut for quieter working environment.【Multiple Applications Use】 50 gallon barrel for filling diesel oil, pumping CNC oil or machinery oil out of opening containers, and so on.
【Genuine Guarantee】We provide you with quality assurance tools with 12 months of after-sales warranty support. Help you to achieve a satisfactory shopping experience.


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3.8 (KG)


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109*18*11 (CM)

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109*18*11 (CM)