Product Description
A1641 (JP Coupler)
A1641US (US Coupler)
A1641EU (EU Coupler)
1. this tool is easily used to test cooling system pressure and to refill new coolant by creating a vacuum in the cooling system.
2. It is suitable for domestic and import vehicles.
3. It is provided color-coded radiator test caps, which makes it easier to identify when choosing the suitable test cap.
4. Pressure pump can test leaks in the cooling system by connecting an adapter to the radiator filler neck or recovery tank.
5. Connectors (black and blue) test radiator cap condition.
6. Vacuum pump shortens the time of refilling new coolant by creating a vacuum, without needing to undergo the time-consuming air bleeding.
※ This kit is provided with instructions and blow mold case.
Standard Accessories:
1. Pressure testing pump with hose, quick coupler with pressure release, and gauge: test range 0 – 35 psi (0 – 2.5 bar)
2. 1 pc blue and 1 pc black radiator cap test adapters
3. 20 pcs radiator test caps
4. Vacuum type cooling system purge and refill tool kit for a quick change of coolant
5. Universal adapter
6. Temperature gauge


2set / carton


4.7 (KG)


5.7 (KG)


60*51.5*10.5 (CM)

Carton SIZE

61.5*52.4*22.4 (CM)