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Multiple Usages -- It's easy and convenient to use in lubricating, anti-rust, etc. Ideal for lubrication and anti-rust for automobiles, bikes, and vehicles. ** DO NOT USE WITH ONLY AIR AS AN AIR DUSTER. **  

Advanced Aerosol Refillable Spray Can -- Improved cap and nozzle make it much easier and more convenient to hold and operate.

Equipped with 2 Way Dual Purpose Nozzle -- 2 purposes nozzle with jet straight stream for specific spot and with wide mist spray for wide range area. You can easily switch the adjustable nozzle from stream setting to spray setting.

Durable And Cost Saving -- Get rid of the one-time use spray bottles and protect our mother earth. This refillable and reusable aluminum spray bottle is perfect to refill thin liquids, fluids, water and recharge with air.

Refillable, Reusable, Durable -- Constructed from the higher quality material of aluminum and o-rings ensures the durability; and 650 c.c. (0.68 quart) light weight for conveniently carrying to use with.


1 set


0.28 (KG)


0.32  (KG)


29*9*8 (CM)

Carton SIZE

29*9*8* (CM)