Product Description
A1161(JP Coupler)
A1161US (US Coupler)
A1161EU (EU Coupler)
Product Introduction



1. Our Pneumatic Brake Oil Pump is used to change, transfer and extract the brake oil easily, fastly and safely.
2. It is provided with universal rubber adapter, which can fit most brake oil drain screw of domestic and import vehicles.
3. Hand free operation: It is provided with step hook (fixing ring lock), which can control air and keep extracting oil continuously.
4. It also collects old brake oil without spillage and designs the fixing valve and safety cup for cutting off extracting automatically.
5. It is provided with noise-reduction design for a quieter working environment.
6. Midget size of the N.W is less than 1 kg, which is easy and convenient to operate and carry.
7. It is also provided with volume guide for controlling fluid more easily.

* Air Inlet : 1/4" PT
* Avg. air cons : 2 CFM
* Working pressure range : 40~170 psi
* Temperature range: -3°F~140°F

Standard Accessories:

1. 1M silicon hose with universal rubber adapter
2. 1000 c.c brake oil bleeder



6 set / carton


9.0 (KG)


15.0  (KG)


31*30*22   (CM)

Carton SIZE

66*60*25 (CM)