Product Description
A1501Y1 (JP Coupler)
A1501USY1 (US Coupler)
A1501EUY1 (EU Coupler)
Product Introduction


【Repair Auto Body Dents without Damaging the Original Paint】There's no need to weld or drill the car for this slide hammer paintless dent repair tool. It can remain the value of original auto body.
【Pneumatic Operation for Powerful Pulling】 Comes with air powered 3 lb (1.36kgs) sliding hammer to bring the stronger power and strength for easily pull the dents.
【Convenient to Use With】 Just connect to the air compressor, and the 3 sizes suction pads will form a stronger vacuum power to work with. Air working pressure is about 70~170 PSI (5 bar ~12 bar) Or using the small tabs with PDR glue sticks. Remove glue by alcohol and plastic shovel without damage to the auto body.
【With 3 pcs Pads and 10 pcs Glue Tabs to Fit the Different Dent Sizes】 Pad of 2.36 inch, 4.72 inch, 5.9 inch (60, 120,150 mm) in dia., to use the most suitable one on the round and smooth surface to reach the max effect. And the 10 tabs for the hail or smaller dent.
【With 10 pcs Hot Glue : Viscosity】White (Strongest) > Yellow (Stronger) > Black (Standard)--Professional and Effective Tools for Shops or DIY Market--This dent puller kit is perfect for repairing dents on cars, trucks, vehicles, etc.
【100% Genuine Guarantee】We provide you quality assurance tools with 12+10 months after-sales warranty (10 months warranty by register) support. Help you to achieve a satisfactory shopping experience.


1 set / carton


3.2 (KG)


4.3 (KG)


57*18*18 (CM)

Carton SIZE

57*18*18 (CM)