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Product Description
A1132N (JP Coupler)
A1132NUS (US Coupler)
A1132NEU (EU Coupler)
Product Introduction


1. Use to dispense and extract the ATF fluid of vehicles. Provide with pneumatic operation ensures high extraction speed and automatically dispensing. With a volume guide for controlling fluid more easily. 

2. This non-sparking transmission fluid pump provides with the safety valve, pre-setting 43 psi (3 Bar), the exceed pressure will be released automatically. 
3. The Two Way designed ATF fluid extractor vacuum pump can also extract and dispense fluids. With A Screw valve to allow easy change the action of extracting or dispensing. And also need to twist the blue switch valve on the air inlet coupler. The two-position needs to be consistent when using. 
4. Comes with new 14 Piece one-touch transportation adapters refill system. **They are compatible with the Ford, Altis, Benz, Skoda, VW, Audi, Lexus, Volvo, Honda, and so on.** To drain and refill the ATF fluid of your vehicles efficiently and quickly. 
5. 2M PU hose with one touch controller gun enables the steady operation of the flow and easy to do the dispensing jobs. Without any splashing when using. 

* Air inlet: 1/4" PT
* Avg. air cons : 2 CFM
* Fluid temperature range : -3°F ~ 140°F
* Oil dispensing working pressure : under 43 psi
* Oil extracting working pressure : 40-170 psi

Standard Accessories: 
1. 1M nylon hose
2. 2M PU hose with one touch controller gun for oil dispensing. 
3. 14 pcs one-touch adapters for ATF oil transportation.



1 set / carton


3.5 (KG)


4.1 (KG)


42*20*20 (CM)

Carton SIZE

45*28*26 (CM)