Product Description
A1181 (JP Coupler)
A1181US (US Coupler)
A1181EU (EU Coupler)
Product Introduction


1. Multiple Usage --The two way designed fluid extractor pump can also extract and dispense non-corrosive and non-thick fluids. 2 in 1 extractor and pump dispenser.
2. For 50 Gallon (200 Liter) Metal Tank-- Must be locked on the 50 gallons (200 Liter) tank; use in the "closed" condition and closed metal tank . The thickness of the metal tank must be over 2 cm (0.78 inch). 
3. Efficient Application -- For example: Extracting or filling Circulation oil R68 --Only needs 6 minutes to finish. The pneumatic way for higher speed of oil change work.
4. Convenient Design Tool-- Provide with pneumatic operation--Just connect with an air compressor. Easy to operate filling and extracting. Working pressure range for Dispensing : Max.30 psi / Extracting : Max.90 Psi 
5. Safety Design-- With safety cup for automatic cut-off extracting. And also come with the extension pipe which is suitable for narrow, deep, and difficult space to extract or fill liquids.   


1 set 


3.8 (KG)


3.9 (KG)


65*27*13 (CM)

Carton SIZE

65*27*13 (CM)