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A1139HN (JP Coupler)
A1139HNUS(US Coupler)
A1139HNEU (EU Coupler)
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Highly Rated Speedy Transmission Fill Pump FIRSTINFO 12.5L Pneumatic ATF Oil Dispenser is a specialty super large capacity kit, designed for efficient under car transmission fluid changing service. Pneumatic operation extracts fluid quickly with air connected, ensures high extraction speed and the automatically dispense.

Two Way Operation For ATF Refill The two way use of pneumatic and manual operation designed in one transmission filler pump. It can be operated pneumatically with air supply. Manual operation requires no other equipment. 1500mm long RoHS PVC filling hose with a swivel connector and a fluid-dispensing shut-off valve which can be connected with ATF adapters.

Wide Automobile Applications The ATF filler set comes with 21 pieces OE style adapters well packed in a storage box, including adapter chart for application information. Perfect for various vehicles' ATF changing and filling service, compatible with most European, American, Japanese vehicles.

Time is Money Tank marked with both liter and US quart. 12.5 liters (3.3 gallon) large capacity can fill most of cars 6.5~8.5 liters transmission in one operation to avoid wasting time on secondary operation. Having a complete transmission maintenance from the repair workshop will be costly. You can attain the same effect and save money with FIRSTINFO Automatic Transmission Fluid Refill Kit.

100% Genuine Guarantee -- Please identify FIRSTINFO transmission fluid dispenser that has the patent authentication. We provide you quality assurance tools with 12+10 months after-sales warranty (10 months warranty by register) support. Help you to achieve the satisfactory shopping experience.


1 set / carton


5.5 (KG)


6 (KG)


64*32*29 (CM)

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64*32*29 (CM)