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Product Introduction


1. Use to dispense the ATF Auto Transmission Fluid of vehicles. Provide with manual operation for automatic fluid transmission transportation; keeps your automatic transmission lubricated and running smoothly. 
2. Provided with the safety valve, pre-setting at 11 psi, the exceed pressure will be released automatically. Pressure gauge which can be read and control the pressure in the tank. 
3. Find the suitable adapter and connect it to the vehicle. Then connect the correct adapter with a dispensing hose. Push and pull the dispensing handle to start the operation. 
4. Comes with 8 pieces ATF adapter for refill system covering the most common transmission systems. Refilling universal vehicles. 
5. 2 meter PU hose with controller valve for steady operation and easy to do the dispensing jobs. Without any splashing. 

Standard Accessories:

* PU hose w/controller valve x 2M. 
* 8 pcs one-touch adapters for ATF oil transportation.

Operation Instructions:
1. Open the filling cap on the reservoir. Fill in the dispensing fluid. 
2. Find the suitable adapter from the selection and connect it to the vehicle. 
3. Connect the adapter with a dispensing hose. 
4. Push and pull the dispensing handle to start the operation.


4 set / carton


3.8 (KG)


4.6 (KG)


58*24*24 (CM)

Carton SIZE

58*48*48 (CM)