1. Our extractor is easy to operate and suitable for engine oil, gear oil, brake fluid, water...etc.
2. It is suitable for most domestic and import vehicles on the market.
3. It is provided with a fixing valve and safety cup for automatically cutting off extracting.
4. 3 kinds (B.C.D.) nylon tubes can be extracted from any non-corrosive fluid.
5. This extractor is for manual operation, non-spark, non-power, very easy, and convenient to operate.
6. It is provided with three air outlets with a check valve design which is quick and easy to release the air from the tank.
7. It is provided with a new decompression valve which is easy to release the negative pressure.

※ Air inlet: 1/4" PT
※ Avg. air cons: 2 CFM
※ Fluid temperature range: 1°C- 95°C (35°F- 200°F)

Standard Accessories:

A: 4 x 8mm Silicon hose x 2 meters with a one-touch controller, and with universal rubber adapter which can fit most brake fitting types.
B: 7.8 x 9.8mm Nylon hose
C: 5.3 x 6.7mm Nylon hose
D: 4 x 6mm Nylon hose


1 set / carton


4 (KG)


4.8  (KG)


59*25*25 (CM)

Carton SIZE

59*25*25 (CM)