1. Torque Ranges From 10 to 90 in-lbs / Accuracy Calibration-- 2 in. lbs. increments. Torque limiting screwdrivers feature aluminum scale and tube to reduce weight and enhance durability. ±6% accuracy, certified in accordance with ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789. 
2. EXTRA T-Handle For High Torque -- Use the included T-handle to attach the end of the torque screwdriver to get extra leverage on those high-torque applications. 
3. Easily to Adjust -- Just press the locking knob when adjusting the torque; release the locking knob when reaching the setting torque value. Ergonomic shape with non-slip and comfortable features. 
4. Automatically Slips Design to Prevent Over-Tightening -- Three features when tightening fasteners: smooth, accurate, and consistent effects. When the torque reaches the desired torque value, the cam mechanism automatically slips to prevent over-tightening. 
5. Stronger and Durable Construction -- Spring-loaded locking collar locks the scale when the torque is setting. Made of best materials which can reach the exacting tolerance. 


1 set / carton


0.4 (KG)


0.45 (KG)


6*7*25 (CM)

Carton SIZE

6*7*25 (CM)