Product Introduction
A.B: TDC Indicators
* The sliding indicator to display the piston movement
* 1mm graduation marks to 50mm
* Extended model 10.5"
* Only can be used on Hemi-Type engines
* Manual use only and make sure the ignition is turned off before use. 
C.D: Compression Whistle Alert
* Use on the Hemi-type engines
* Easily find the TDC compression stroke
* Just listen on the whistle alert.
E: Adapter 12 mm spark plug hole
F: Adapter 18 mm spark plug hole
G: Crank stop tool
* Ignition is turned off
* Manual use only
* Make sure the valves are not open before use.
H. Gauge Indicated (optional assembly)


31*24*6 (CM)


1.23 (KG)


1.3 (KG)

Carton SIZE


N.W. per Carton


G.W per Carton