1. Each scale is hand calibrated from the factory. 
2. Whether left or right handed, the Bow Scale is easy to operate, allowing full focus on a smooth draw. 
3. Measures in 1-lb. 
4. Increments for 20-lbs. to up to 90-lbs. 
5. Heavy-duty, corrosion resistant, aluminum housing with stainless steel components. 
6. Great for compound bows. 
7. The bow scale has peak weight marker to show the top range weight as well as holding or let off weight. 
8. Adjust your bow weight for optimal arrow efficiency. 
Instructions : 
1. Before scale, please confirm the draw weight index is on the 20LB weight line (starting position) of the bow scale.
2. Then hook the scale to the bowstring.
2. Pull the bowstring by the bow scale and relax the bowstring slowly.
3. The weight index will stop on the highest draw weight line and you can see the accurate power of the bowstring.


30*9*3 (CM)


0.27 (KG)


0.33 (KG)

Carton SIZE


N.W. per Carton


G.W per Carton