Product Introduction



1. Ideal for detergent, lubrication, cleaning brake systems, anti-rust, etc.
2. Long type nozzle designed is suitable to narrow and difficult space spray.
3. Includes 10 pieces nozzle for replacement.
4. It can be refilled pressure with universal valve stem for easily to stuff air pressure. 
5. Designed with safety valve on the air inlet setting: pre-setting 90 psi (6.3Bar), the exceeding pressure will be released automatically.
6. The canister is made of stainless steel for long lifetime.
7. 21 century new environment-friendly product.
8. Max. capacity is 650 c.c.
Please do remember not to use with strong chemical or corrosive fluid.


8*9*29 (CM)


0.28 (KG)


0.31 (KG)

Carton SIZE


N.W. per Carton


G.W per Carton